Who are we?

Zodiac War was created and designed by Paul Starr based on idea to combine his fascination with astrology, his love of playing board games and a concept for a rotating board. After commissioning Katerina Poliakova to provide character artwork for each of the star signs the partnership expanded and Katerina also provided art direction and artwork for the various game components including the game board and the player mats.

paul starr - game designer


Paul is a Leo and a licensed Professional Engineer with an eye for detail and some might say an unhealthy obsession for perfection. Now living in Tampa, Florida he was born in Manchester, England where he spent his most informative years. His hobbies include role playing games, board games, card games (all games), all sports (but mainly soccer/ football, depending which side of the Atlantic you are on), movies, TV, music and attending multi-genre conventions.


katerina poliakova - art director


Katerina is a Capricorn, and has a degree in biology and biotechnology, but found her calling as a freelance artist. Katerina is from Moscow, Russia but presently lives in Newcastle, England. She is an avid video gamer and her favorite game is StarCraft. Having worked for Ubisoft for three years she is now working as a freelance artist focusing her art on games and books.

You may view her portfolio at the links below.