meet the signs


Leo is a natural leader and welcomes attention. This war is the perfect chance to have all adore him.

Fire Signs


Aries hungers for war and his magnetic personality will attract an army. All will fall before him.


Sagittarius is independent and free willed and she will seek an unpredictable path to victory.


Pisces enjoys tranquility. Through compassion and wisdom she seeks a peaceful resolution to the war.

Water Signs


Scorpio considers the outbreak of war to be a betrayal of her loyalty. Her resourcefulness and bravery will pave her path to victory.


Cancer is quick to avoid conflict and will withdraw into his shell, intending to weather the storm.


Libra seeks a fair and just resolution to this war. Her skill at diplomacy, her sharp mind and sense of fair play is likely to prevail.

Air Signs


Gemini may not be the strongest opponent in the Zodiac War, but his charm and intelligence is likely to outsmart his opponents.


This war is the perfect opportunity for Aquarius to break free from the other gods and trail blaze a way to something new and refreshing.


Taurus may seem aloof to this war, but he is watching intently waiting for the right time to charge into battle and seize the initiative.

Earth Signs


Virgo strives for perfection. No war is perfect, but perhaps through victory Virgo can create something beautiful.


Capricorn thrives on order and discipline, but a war is a chaotic affair. Order must be restored and only Capricorn can deliver.